Business Plus: The System to Promote your Business

Our unique solution to your continuous sales growth. This proven concept will change your way of business and make you move on higher.

Highlights of the system

Concept of promoting your products and services online
System offers you - CMS website, Online Catalogue and Online email Marketing Application
Create more prospective customers to visit your store
More business from your returning customers
Grow your business through email-Marketing
Showcase your products and services through online catalogue


You have invested heavily in your business and now planning for handsome profit. You have set your business goals high but looking for the ideas to convert your efforts into speedy growth in sales. Now you require a system which you have to follow closely that takes you to convert your business goals into reality.

We have specially created the BUSINESS-PLUS for this purpose to achieve higher sales. The system does not cost you much and offer maximum results in less time. We use power of ONLINE BUSINESS PROMOTION. We offer tools to promote your business ONLINE because:

You get more customers when you are online
It costs you less in advertising your products online
You promote your ideas online quickly
You create your customer-network online fast
You reach your buyers with your product catalogues

The system offers you to use the power of ONLINE tools to promote your business. We will setup and take care of these powerful applications to promote your business to grow quickly:

CMS Website Newsletter Application Online Store

Benefits of Online Store and Product Catalogue

You certainly want to attract more customers at their convenience offering your products to showcase them. Returning customers will visit again if they come to know your latest range of products, offers and promotions. Besides your returning customers, whole world is your buyer and you get more sales than ever. You never know when you would get your dream buyers who will change your business and takes you to higher position. The benefits include:

Showcase your line of products to your prospective buyers
Receive instant orders
Get the list of interested buyers who can be contacted
Get customer feedback about your product for improvement
Create your offers and promotions quickly

Benefits of Email Marketing and Newsletter Application

Billboards, newspaper adverts, television slots and even mail shots can cost a significant amount of money. In addition to the cost of the resources used in their production, print space, airtime and other factors, such advertising usually requires a substantial amount of labour to be effective. Email marketing meanwhile requires a fraction of these resources and can be successfully undertaken by a single individual. In addition there are many more benefits like:

Communicate to your customer base instantly
Create dynamic visual content
Reach anyone, anywhere
Showcase your products, offers and promotions
Build relationships
Target specific customers
Gather customer feedback
Track your campaign

Benefits of CMS Website

Your website is your identity and strength of business. Let it be impressive and keep information up-to-date. CMS helps you update the contents and images of your website quickly and easily. We will provide you the control panel and you can do it even yourself right from your desktop.
Use the Power of IT to grow your business to become front leader. Contact us today to discuss more.

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Database Driven Websites
Take control of your website with Control Panel
Create as many content pages quickly
Keep updating your web contents
Access from anywhere
Save time and money
Attract visitors
Stay in touch with your subscribers
Showcase your hot products and promotions
Create newsletter contents yourself
Reach your prospective customers quickly
Track your newsletter statistics
Send unlimited newsletters
Receive more sales queries
Concept of promoting your products and services online
System offers online CMS, Newsletter and Catalogue
Create more prospective customers to visit your store
More business from your returning customers
Grow your business through online email marketing
Showcase your product and services through online catalogue
Receive instant orders
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