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Now-a-days one of the reasons for the success of an enterprise is the dynamic website which keeps updating all the time as to communicate it's latest products and ideas to the customes. In this context, ORSENT introduces the Content Management System for your website and make you availabe a Control Panel where you can update the contents, images and links of your website frequently direct from your desktop.

Dynamic CMS Web Site Design

School Management Application

Exam Management Application

Dynamic Web Sites

Convert your Static Web Site into Dynamic Web Site. Your Dynamic Web Site will be full fledged Content Managed Website controlled by yourself.

Benefits of the Dynamic Website:

Update the Contents of your Website frequently from your own desktop.

No technical knowledge is required to update your web contents.

Apply your thoughts to your Website immediately without anyone's support.

Display your different Hot Products everyday to your Website by your own.

Best for exhibiting products, rates, news, articles, contents to your website in regular fashion.

Contact us for creating your new Dynamic Website or getting your existing website converted to the Dynamic Website. We will provide you a control panel and you will be able to update your web contents yourself!

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SmartSchool : The School Management Application

This software suite is designed especially for every kind of Education Centers e.g. School, Colleges, Instututes, Coaching Centers etc. With SMART SCHOOL you are now able to automate your Student Management System and save a lot of time. This also helps you respond quickly to any demanding situation where you have a lot of information is required in less time. With this internet based application, you will be able to manage more than one school branches. You will also have the power to host a number of features from Student Admission to Publishing Results on Internet.

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TestCenter : The Exam Management Application

TestCenter is very useful application for every Education Institutes and the HR Departments of a Business Center. Through this application, your team will be able to create Courses, Question Papers and conduct the exam on the internet/intranet. The application is absolutely customizable and you have all the options to create different types of Multiple Choice Questions with Option Buttons, Check Boxes, Adding Images etc.

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Latest News

Image 1 To get More Control, Upgrade your Existing Website to CMS Website Realize the requirements of your Content Managed Website. You need to update your wesite's content frequently and ease from your own desktop. Choose us to offer you this great and cost effective solution for your website. The benefit includes posting your articles, contents and products in your website instantly.
Image 2 New School Software Suite for Education Centers Launched Orsent lanunched a software suite to the complete solution for the Education Centers. This product is ideal for the schools, colleges, coaching institutes and any other education centers. The software offers solutions for Admission, student management, exam management, class management etc. .
Image 3 The TestCenter launched for the Exam Management TestCenter is the new product suit for Examination Management System. The application manages all aspects from creating question courses, question papers, registering students and managing results etc.
Image 4 Customized applications for your business Increase productivity of your employees by introducing customized applications to your business requirements.


Database Driven Websites
Take control of your website with Control Panel
Create as many content pages quickly
Keep updating your web contents
Access from anywhere
Save time and money
Attract visitors
Stay in touch with your subscribers
Showcase your hot products and promotions
Create newsletter contents yourself
Reach your prospective customers quickly
Track your newsletter statistics
Send unlimited newsletters
Receive more sales queries
Concept of promoting your products and services online
System offers online CMS, Newsletter and Catalogue
Create more prospective customers to visit your store
More business from your returning customers
Grow your business through online email marketing
Showcase your product and services through online catalogue
Receive instant orders
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